Grocery Savings

A post about my Grocery Shopping Saving Experience:

To sum, i bought 30 items worth $87.73.
I actually spent only $43.04 by watching the sales and using coupons. It’s like buying one thing and getting one free for every item. I saved $44.69.
Hello? Are you doing the math? I saved more I spent.

If you have known me in the last 6 months, you know I am the

Coupon Queen

I have a mini accordian I file all my coupons in. I subscribe to the Dallas Morning News (Sunday only) to get those coups! My cousin, Jenn, is blogging about her grocery savings, so I thought I’d post mine to keep track of my monthly savings.
I subscribe to The Grocery Game for insider info on rock-bottom sales

and E-Mealz to help me with a weekly meal plan.

First I look at this week’s meal plan and make edits or deletions based on what Alex and I like.
Then I make a list of what I don’t already have to make all the meals.
Next, I look at the list from The Grocery Game and circle all the items that are on lowest-possible sale that are also on my need-to-buy list (Usually most items are on the grocery game list, if not all).
Then I check the remaining grocery game list for rock-bottom deals on ONLY WHAT WE NEED.
Then the fun part:

Kroger and Albertson’s double and triple coupons, meaning if you have a coupon that says 50 cents off, the will let you get two items for that one coupon.

I shop every Sunday because Kroger has lower sales Sunday-Tuesday and Albertson’s has Sunday only sales.
This Sunday, I went to both, because of such great sales.

Here’s the scoop for my meal plan:

Ken’s Salad Dressing – on sale for $1.49 – paid 74 cents
Lipton Pasta Sides – on sale for $1 – paid 50 cents
Chicken Thighs – on sale for 69 cents/pound (Sunday only) – paid $1.98
Frozen Veggies – on sale for 69 cents – paid 39 cents
Bacon – on sale for $3.59 – paid $2.59

Then there’s the extra’s of stuff we “needed”:

6-pack bottles of Dr. Pepper products – 5 for $8
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – on sale $1 – paid 25 cents
Oust Air Sanitizer – on sale $1.67 – paid NOTHING
Bertoli Frozen Dinners – on sale 2/$10 – paid $8
Trident Gum – on sale $1 – paid 25 cents

I am proud of this because the price from E-Mealz for the meal plan alone was $44, which I managed to underspend while still buying shampoo, toilet bowl cleaner, ice cream, etc.

And I have a happy husband. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Grocery Savings

  1. We are alot alike Kendall. I am all about getting a deal and saving money! Good job!

    Do you have a CVS near you? If so, you need to start doing Extra Care Bucks as well….LOTS of free stuff!

    If you want more info just let me know.


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