Grocery Savings

It was a hot, hot Sunday and by the time I got home, my $3.99 homemade vanilla Blue Bell was dripping out of the bag. Good thing it tastes just as good once it’s refreezed!
It was a good shopping day. Albertson’s had some Sunday only sales and, once again, I got there too late (5pm) for some of them and they were sold out (Buy one $1 get one free Texas Toast) 😦

Anywho, the totals:

Total $57.12
Spent $23.70
Saved $33.42

Total $107.98
Spent $62.86
Saved $45.12

Total spent: $86.56 for 48 items
Total saved: $78.54, a savings of 48%. Not too shabby!

Free items (original price):
2 Bic Soleil 6 pack razors (7.29)
2 4-pack Schick razors (6.59)
Reach Advantage Toothbrush (1.99)
Reach Advantage Flosser-on-a-stick (1.99)
A-1 Marinade (2.99)
4 cans of Airwick air freshener (1.09 each)
Big bag of Dorito’s (3.99)
Langer’s Apple Juice (3.39)
Powerade Big Bottle (1.69)
3 eco-friendly cloth grocery bags (1.00 each)
Old Spice Body Wash (6.99)
Women’s Once-A-Day Vitamins (4.00)
Scunci Elastic Hair Bands (3.29)

Didn’t stay in budget this week. My excuse is because I had lots of expiring coupons and I felt like I needed to use them. Don’t follow that rule of thumb. Sure you end up with four free packages of razors, but did you really need to spend 50 cents on the John Freida Detangling Spray? That little stuff adds up. Especially if it’s stuff you don’t normally buy.

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