“My Sister’s Keeper” Review

This movie is a very interesting drama about dying. It’s kinda like the Titanic. You know the ship is going to sink in the end, but you pay $10, get emotionally involved, then cry when it actually sinks.

If you have ever been an acquaintance of death, this movie will be hard for you to watch. It shows the dirty fingernails of a family with a terminally-ill child. The mother, played by Cameron Diaz, refuses to accept her daughter is dying and neglects her other two children and husband.

The interesting twist of the movie is the youngest child, Anna, played by Abigail Breslin, was genetically crated to provide parts and fluids for her older, dying sister, Kate. Ethical? You decide.

I was a bit disappointed the main focus of the movie was the mother’s relationship with Kate, instead of the ethical dilemma about Anna (and by dilemma, I mean, she got a lawyer at age 11 for the rights to her own body).

It was good, made me cry, but I don’t want to see it again. Depressing. But interesting story.

3 out of 5 stars.


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