Tread Lightly

After a very long workday yesterday, I began my hour long commute home at 5:30. 15 minutes later, I kept hearing these loud noises, like I was running over a big rock every now and then. I was on the freeway, so there were no big rocks. After about the fourth one, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw big piece of rubber flying off behind me. 10 seconds later, more rubber flies off. Then my ride gets bumpy.
Hmmm…time to pull over. Too bad I’m in the far left lane. Ok, blinker over to the right. Only three lanes to go….

When I get into the far right lane, it feels like my car is skipping, like those Mexi-gangster hydraulics cars in the mall parking lots. I exit off the next ramp and pull over to find…
My tread is gone!

Somehow Alex had the 9-4 shift, when he usually works 2-10. Imagine my relief! I call my man of men, he answers, and chivalrously accepts my plea of rescue. Only it would take him about an hour to get to me. After many games of Sudoku on my cell phone and avoiding eye contact with the creepy people walking by, Alex calls my cell phone. Instead of “where are you” that I was hoping to hear, he said, “I just got on the freeway, and I have a flat tire.”

He changes his tire and gets to me an hour later. It takes him four minutes to change my tire! What a man!

Unfortunately, my spare was flat. So he leaves me to go get an emergency air kit. Again, waiting on the side of the road. Do I need to mention that this was during rush hour and no one slowed down to ask if I needed help?

He returns ten minutes later with a can of something, uses all of it to air up my spare, we slowly drive to the nearest gas station, and fill up both of our spares with the air machine. All of that only took an hour and a half ad we still made it to our movie on time.

All of this to say: At the end of a session today, a woman refused to shake my hand because she said she brings bad luck to those who touch her. The last person she shook hands with, his sister died in a car wreck that day. Do you believe in that stuff? Can evil be that strong? Kinda creepy…


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