Grocery Savings! or not

The savings were not too great today. I did save on a lot, but not as much as I usually do. AND I forgot my environmentally friendly shopping bags, AGAIN! Poor environment.

First, I stopped by Staples. They are having their annual Penny Sale.
I got:
-2 packs of #2 pencils (.79 each) paid .01 each
-5 pack BIC Velocity Pen set (4.69) for free! (they were on sale for a Dollar, I went to the BIC website and printed off a $1 off coupon).

Staples total before coupons: $6.27
My total from Staples with coups: drumroll… 2 cents.
That’s a savings of $6.25!

Next I went to Kroger to pick up a buncha stuff. My total was pretty high because I had to pick up some things we needed that aren’t on sale, like Glad 39 gallon trash bags. Those will set you back a little.

Free items:
I bought the free meal of the week, which means, I bought Llyod’s Barbecue Ribs and got the following for free.
-2 liter of Pepsi (1.69)
-MMS Macaroni and Cheese (2.99)
-Caesar Salad Bag Mix (3.99)
Other free items:
-2 bounty single roll paper towels (1.49 each)

Nearly free:
-6 Yoplait yogurts (.55 each) paid .40 each
-Aleve Liquigels (4.69) paid $1.99

Kroger total before savings: $69 even
Kroger total after coupons: $47.40
A savings of $21.60
So not that good.

Finally, I stopped at Albertson’s for some better deals.

Free items:
American Greetings birthday card (3.79)
Twix bar (.79)

Nearly Free items:
-Kellogg’s Fruit Loops (3.69) paid .84
-Kellogg’s Frosted Miniwheats (4.49) paid 1.25
-5 six pack Dr. Pepper bottles (18.95) paid $9
-Goodday Orange Juice (2.49) paid .99
-Red Baron Pizza Singles (4.19) paid 1.25
-Tyson’s Frozen Chicken (10.99) paid 6.99

Albertson’s Total before coups: $76.97
Albertson’s total after savings: $45.25
A savings of $31.76.

Grand total before: $152.24
Grand total after: $92.67
A savings of: $59.61

We will probably live off of our stockpile for next week, because this total is more than twice our budget. I don’t know what happened!

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