I know you’re dying to read my review on Harry Potter.
The thing is I have’t seen it yet. You read that correctly. I was too much of an old woman to go to the midnight showing. Alex doesn’t want me to go without him, so we’re seeing it Friday night.

When I got home from work today, there was a note taped to the inside of our door. It said, “Notice to Vacate” due to delinquent rent payments. It said we had three days to come up with an irrational sum of money and at the end of three days, we needed to be out. I called Alex, “How sure are you that you paid rent before we left for the Fourth of July?” He replied that he was positive. I checked the checkbook carbon copies. Sure enough, he had paid. I checked our bank statement online. The check had cleared. I went up to the leasing office with all of my proof, my face red with frustration, and this is what the lady said: “Oh, that happens all the time. We posted your check to the wrong apartment.” Um, HELLO?! All the time???? We were sent a notice to VACATE!!! But, apparently, no big deal. So the moral of the story is, don’t pay your rent and say that you have. It happens all of the time.

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