“Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince” Review

I have long awaited for this movie’s release and was not-at-all disappointed! The problem was the people I saw it with were. These people have not read the books, only seen the movies, and the collective comment was this is the worst of the harry potter movies. I, on the other hand, completely disagree. This was my favorite of all the movies! I thought it was a perfect lead-in to book seven. The problem is they make these movies for the book readers, so it’s a little confusing when they don’t explain what something is or why this is happening.

Of course, there was the anticipated disappointment of leaving out information to fit a 2.5 hour movie. And the usual disappointment of changing details (Malfoy’s adventures in Knockturn Ally at the beginning; who helped Harry off the Hogwarts Express), which I think is to save time form having to explain why things happened.

This was THE BEST DIRECTOR they’ve had in the HP movie series, by far. Amazing talent for showing emotions through scenes.

The star of this movie was obviously Malfoy (played by Tom Felton). He did such a great job expressing his agony in this movie. I looked him up on IMDB and saw that he was nominated for a Young Artist Award a few years ago for the Sorcerer’s Stone. I will be suprised if he does not get an award for his acting in this movie.

The fight scenes were few and far between; they could have amped those up a bit. Lots of teenage awkwardness, but if you’ve read the book, you know that’s the whole stance. Horcruxes are played way down, but that’s what you get with a time constraint. The “certain character’s” death at the end is kind of quick and not as drawn out in the book. The main love relationship (not Ron’s) is barely mentioned in the movie. On the other hand, at times I felt the entire movie was about Ron’s new relationship.

All in all, this movie was amazing! Loyal readers will thoroughly enjoy it.
I give it 4.5 stars!


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