I’ve been hearing a lot about CVS and their Extra Care Bucks program. Yes, you sign up for another keychain card. I went today for the first time to check it out and see if it’s worth adding a third store to my shopping trips.
When you walk in there’s a little price check machine, which tells you to scan your card because you may receive a coupon! I scan mine: poof! 2 coupons! One for nuts (I don’t like nuts) and one for bottled water (don’t drink bottled water). But hey, at least I know it works! Before I went in, I wrote down a few things that were on sale from the ad in the mailer. I found the store a little hard to navigate. Where I would put like-items together, they did not, but I will get the hang of it.
I bought 3 Renuizit Air Freshers. There were on sale for .99 from 1.99 (I last bought one at Dollar General for $1) AND I had a buy two get one free coupon. Final price for 3=$1.98. Good deal!
I bought those cool Pilot G-2 gelly pens. A three pack for 3 something. Buy one get one free.
I also bought a few other things, but the coolest was this: I bought CVS pantiliners for .89. When I checked out, the bottom of my receipt had a coupon for .89 on it. For anything in the store for next time. I also had one for $3 from buying Tylenol. Hmmm…let’s do the math.
I spent a little over $14 on this trip. With sales and coupons my receipt said I saved over $8. So next time I go in, if I spend the same $14, I will actually only spend $10 something after using the receipt coupons, and save about $12. Very cool!

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