Fort Worth Weekend!

Alex and I were invited to his cousin’s wedding in Fort Worth. As the date was approaching, we were both feeling pretty bogged down from work. We decided to make the night in Fort Worth a Fort Worth Weekend! Boy, did we!

We got up early Saturday morning, 8:30, ok, not that early, ended up leaving at 11:30. We met Alex’s parents for lunch at a restaurant/bar called Jake’s in DT FW. Yum! And even better because we ended up not paying! After some grub, the four of us walked around DT, stopped by the FW Water Gardens, just enjoyed each other’s company. The time approached for the wedding. We retreated to our separate hotels to get ready. We bought our room on I recommend this if you don’t care where you stay. It let me pick that I wanted a 4 star room or higher. It let me pick that I wanted to be 0-1 mile away from downtown. So we paid 62 bucks for a super swanky room at the Sheridan in DT FW. WOW! We had champagne and everything!
Anywho, we drove one mile to the wedding. It was beautiful, she was beautiful. Then we drove back to downtown for the reception at the Petroleum club. Way cool! We had a great time and it was fun trying to get Alex to do the Cha-Cha Slide. 074When 10pm rolled around, Alex was swatting me with a ribbon-stick-wedding-souvenir thingy, telling me it’s time to go.
093 He looked so funny!

The next morning, we were going to have massages at our hotel; unfortunately, they wanted to charge us $60 pp for 15 minutes! Yeah right! So we went to the FW Zoo instead! We had the best time, holding hands, sharing our love of the outdoors and animals.
After the zoo, we had daquiri’s at Chili’s, then went to see Harry Potter, AGAIN! He said it was better the second time, so that’s good.
Lastly, (lastly?) we stopped off at my friend, Kristen’s, new house. She and her recent husband purchased their home a few months ago and they told us all sorts of tips and tricks for when we buy a house.

We had such a great weekend, fell more in love, and once again, our marriage is saved. 🙂

That’s my weekend in a blogged nutshell!

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