Grocery Day!

004First I went to Kroger. Unfortunately there was no excitement like last time (lady falling), but what was exciting was my savings! Corny, I know. No Blue Bell this time; Alex used our Dillard’s gift cards to buy an ice cream maker… so he told me I had to get some extra stuff, like heavy whipping cream and blue berries, which put me over budget. We’ll see if his ice cream tastes better than the wholesome goodness of homemade vanilla Blue Bell ice cream!
Free Items (original price):
10 16oz Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drinks (1.49 each), on sale for $1, when you buy ten, you get a coupon print out for $10 off at the register.
Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush (2.59), on sale for $1, used $1/1.
2 Liter Coke (1.29), I don’t know how, it just came up free from something else I bought.

Almost Free Items (original price):
2 Sunny D’s (1.75 each), paid .51 each = on sale for 1.39, they were a $5 off participating items when you buy ten items, and had a coupon .75/2
32 oz Daisy Sour Cream (2.49), paid .49 = on sale for 1.99, participating item, and used coupon $1/1.
2 Speed Stick Deodorants (2.39 each), paid 1.48 total = on sale for 1.49, participating items, used .75/1, and used .75/2.
Quilted Northern Ultra Toilet Paper 12 Double Rolls (9.49) paid 4.99, on sale for 6.49, was a participating item, used $1/1 coupon.

At the register, not only did it spit out the $10 off tape, it also spit out 2 $2 Mitchum Deodorants, .50 off Cottonelle TP, and $1 off Quick Fix grilled chicken!

Kroger Total Before: $81.66
Actually spent: $38.55
Total Saved: $43.11, saved 53%!

Albertsons! I love it so much.
Free items (original price):
Tony’s Pepperoni Pizza (1.69), on sale for .99, used $1 off coup.

Practically Free (original price):
Chef Boyardee Forkables (1.59), paid .19 = closeout 1.19, used $1/1 coupon.
Albertson’s Baked French Bread (1.50) paid .50 = used $1 off coup.
M&M’s (.99), paid .21 = on sale for .50, used .29 coupon.

Albertsons Total Before: $28.63
Albertsons Total After: $18.22
Total saved: $10.41, saving of 36%. Boo.

Grand Total before: $110.29
Grand Total After:$56.77 (dang you, ice cream machine)
Grand Total Savings: $53.52, a savings of 49%, so close!


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