Alex’s first grocery trip

Alex didn’t work today, so I talked him into coming with me today. He was mumbling about it as we walked out the door. I told him it would be fun.
First we stopped at CVS. He said, “What do we need here?” I replied, “All we’re getting is mayonnaise.” He responded, “We’re stopping on the way to Kroger, to pick up mayonnaise?” But when I grabbed two 30 oz jars, priced on sale for 2/$6, I used two .60 off coupons, then $3.89 in ECB, our total was .89. He walked out saying, “Wow, that was really cool!” I showed him the bottom of my receipt, it read ‘free CVS brand aspirin, up to 120 count.’ He was very impressed. I noticed a skip in his step. “Now where are we going?” He asked, more excitedly.

CVS Total Before: $11.96
CVS Total After: .89
CVS Total Savings: $11.07

Next we stopped at Kroger. We grabbed:
2 liter Dr. Pepper, on sale for $1
loaf of bread for .78
Palmolive Dish Soap on sale for $2.50, I had a coupon for .40 cents off and a coupon for .25 off loaded onto my Kroger card, so we paid $1.85.
Glass Plus glass cleaner, on sale for $1.99, I had a coupon for $1 off on my Kroger card,
Listerine Pocket tongue film thingies, on sale for $1, I had a .50 off coupon, which was doubled, so it was FREE.
2 Aussie Styling Products, on sale for $2.99 each, I had a coupon for $2/2 and $2/1, making us pay $1.99
2 Herbal Essences, on sale for $2.99 each, I had a coupon for buy one shampoo get styling product free, making us pay $2.99.

Here’s where it got fun. Some of the items were in the promotional deal, if you buy four products, you get $4 off. Then I used my $10 off total grocery coupon I received last time.

Total: -$5.84!!!!!!!!!!! The checker said, “Your total is….negative….5.84……wait, Do I owe YOU money? What do I do?” We said, “Umm….here, we’ll get some candy,” So we grabbed 3 reese’s, one twix bar, and a big pack of 60 ct. eclipse gum, bringing the total to………. 62 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very strange.

Alex was practically hopping out the door. “This is so fun!” Haha. What kills me is I had coupons for all that candy, but couldn’t use it because we had to have a positive total. I guess. I mean she couldn’t have handed me $5, could she?

Kroger Total Before: $31.00
Kroger Total After: $0.62
Kroget Total Savings: $30.38

Last, we stopped at Albertson’s. We picked up:
10 packets of Kool-Aid, on sale for 8/$1, and I had a coupon for 10 packets at .09 each.
one can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, on sale for $1, I used a .35 off coupon, which was tripled, which meant it was FREE.
4 Sunny D’s (I noticed at Kroger they were on sale for $1.29) they were .77 at Albertson’s with the Albertson’s Store coupon, limit four. So we paid $3.08.

Albertson’s Total Before: $11.75
Albertson’s Total After: $3.98
Albertson’s Total Savings: $7.77

Grand Total Before: $54.71
Grand Total After: $5.49
Grand Total Savings: $49.22, a savings of 90%! Personal best! I think Alex was my good luck charm.

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