Changes Part One

The first change in our household is how we clean our house. Our usual way of living is pretty sloppy, then when we get sick of it, we spend all day cleaning, only for it to be back the way it was the next day or two. So here is the new plan:
Clean a little each day. Ugh, I know, sounds horrible, but it has actually been working. I made a schedule and put it on the refrigerator.

Monday: change sheets
Tuesday: Dust and vacuum all rooms
Wednesday: Clean bathroom counter, toilet and tub
Thursday: Pick up bedroom and straighten office
Friday: Add cat food in the dispenser, change her water, clean out her litterbox, and pick up the living room
Saturday: Clean out fridge, Take out trash
Sunday: Sweep and mop

Of course, we do the things that need to be done daily: every night, start the dishwasher, every morning empty dishwasher. It has been a great system, except when you get behind then have to do a lot of stuff the next day; or when you work an 11 hour day and your husband hasn’t done a thing when you get home. We’re still working out the kinks I guess.


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