“The Time Traveler’s Wife” Review

This movie’s preview appealed to me: love story (check), Rachel McAdams (check), guy disappearing and traveling through time and they’ve loved each other all her life even when she was 6 and he was 40 (che……what?)

The first 10 minutes drew me in, just waiting to see what would happen. The next 10 minutes, I was thinking, “Hmm…I have nothing against sci-fi, as long as it’s plausible. Is this plausible? Eh…” But then I decided to ignore those thoughts and get lost in the movie. And boy, did I! Throughout the movie I was thinking, “This is so good! It’s not even about the love story,” and after it was over, I was thinking, “What a great love story!” It made me appreciate my spouse and think to not take him for granted.

I saw this with my friend, Britany, who has read the book. She said, of course, they left out a lot for time’s sake, but changed very little, which is good!

Chick flick, yes. Sci-Fi, yes. Equals perfect date movie. Go see it and enjoy! Rachel McAdams is wonderful!

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars!


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