I got pulled over!!!

The policeman was following me closely. I didn’t do anything wrong… He flashed his blue and red lights. Dagnabit. I pulled over. Hmm…what could I have done wrong? I was on my cellphone, but that’s not illegal in Texas, yet. Well, if I have to go to jail, at least I am having a great hair day for my mug shot!

I roll down my window and put my hands on the steering wheel, as I hear you’re supposed to do. The policeman walked up: a woman! Crap, now I’ll never get out of this.
She said, meanly, “License and proof of vehicle ownership.” Umm…ok…I give her my Oklahoma license and ask, “Is that the same as my insurance card?” She responded it was, so I handed it over.
She asked, “Do you want to tell me where you’re headed?”
“I’m looking for a house that’s for sale around here.”
“So you’re not from here?” Come on…OK plates, OK license… “I pulled you over because you don’t have a front license plate and I saw you earlier driving slowly by the school, looking suspicious. I guess that’s because you were trying to find the house.” Yes. Good cop. Good. And in OK you don’t have to have a front license plate.
She walked back to her car and ran my license. She came back and said, “You’ve never had a citation before??” I responded, “No, Ma’am, of course not!” (I was pulled over once before, six years ago for speeding. I used my crocodile tears and got off on that one) This suprised her and she changed her attitude. She asked me for the address of the house and offered to help me find it. Wow! How nice. She gave me great directions and wished me well on the house-buying.

I suppose she had to be mean at first, not knowing what she was getting into. I just smiled and was very friendly and it worked out well. She was very fast, under five minutes, including the directions-getting!

Also, today was the first day I have never seen a wreck on 635 in Dallas, except…New Year’s Eve? Ironic. And driving home on the George Bush Tollway, where I have yet to see a wreck, the speed limit has been raised to 70! Yay! After I told my husband, he told me they had raised the Dallas North Tollway to 70 as well. Now I can leave for work ten minutes later!


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