“Julie & Julia” Review

My mom came in to town and she has been wanting to see this movie. I admit, it looked “cute” in the previews, but seriously, a two-hour long movie about… cooking? I love cooking, I hate the food network. Yes, it’s true. I find it so boring to watch someone else cook.

We decided to see Julie & Julia.

Actually, the movie is not about watching people cook! It is about a young woman who is feeling lost and drowning in other people’s sorrow so she decided to cook all of the recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook and blogs about it to get her mind off of everything. While she does it, you travel back in time to 1949, to see what was happening in Julia Child’s life and why/how she discovered those recipes. It is quite clever, fun to watch, and fun for all. Not all, there is one F-bomb for shock value.

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Julie Powell and myself. The movie took place in 2002, as she works an emotional job dealing with the life insurance claims of families of the victims in 9/11 tragedy; I work an emotional job dealing with people who have suffered brain injuries trying to get back on their feet. Her very sweet and supportive husband is an archaeologist; my very sweet and supportive husband is studying to be an archaeologist. She has a fat orange cat; I have a fat orange cat. She blogs; I blog.

It did not seem like 2 hours while I was watching it. It’s a great movie about overcoming adversity and personal triumphs.

There was one man in the theater. All women. Yes, it’s a chick flick. Don’t take your boyfriend. My dad, whom loves chick flicks, would adore this movie.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

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