“Inglourious Basterds” Review

Wow! What a great movie!

This movie had such a good story. Well, not entirely. It really upset my stomach with the gore and blood and guts and shooting people and scalping…you get the point. You know, blood is fine, I can handle it. But watching a knife go back and forth across someone hair line, going deeper and deeper, while hearing the ripping of the hair folicles…yeah, you get my drift. We don’t need that. That nasty stuff is only at the beginning and the end, so I loved the middle! Quentin Terentino, for some reason, thinks showing that nasty stuff makes a movie better; while I spent those scenes with my hands over my eyes and trying to keep down my chicken tenders. Bloodier than the Kill Bills, but not as bloody as Grindhouse (never seen it, but so I hear).

Also, to be as vague as possible, it does not follow history, so it was fun to watch and not know what will happen.

Brad Pitt did a wonderful job! “Bon-jur-no!”
I had to look up the girl who played Shosanna. Her name is Melanie Laurent. Amazing acting. Her story is really moving.

Not sure why they spelled bastards wrong. It wasn’t mentioned in the movie either.

The only reason I am not giving this movie 5 stars is due to the gore.
4.5 stars! GO SEE IT!


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