September Grocery Total

After my horrendous grocery extravaganza of ten days ago, I did not go grocery shopping this past Sunday. It was hard. I had some free stuff, too, but Alex, being the “practical” one said, “No, we do not need more Venus razors or Vaseline Lotion just because it’s free.” Fun-ruiner. I could totally use that free lotion in 2 years, but whatever…

I did buy another gallon of milk for 1.98 and Alex decided to come down with Poison Ivy, so I bought some calamine lotion at CVS for 3.99. Surprise! Used my $4 on the receipt from last time, so it was free! Booyah! On a side note, Alex is a little Hypocondriacle and no, he did not have poison ivy.

September grocery total: $328.76
Amount paid: $169.41
Total saved by using coupons: $176.82

Are you getting this? We now have 176.82 EXTRA to put in our savings to buy a hizouse.

Broken down that means I spent $42.35 for each Sunday in September. I’m trying to get it down to $40 a week for both of us, including toiletries. Here’s hoping for October!

Bottom line: COUPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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