“Couples Retreat” Review

This movie looks so funny in the previews. Usually movies will show their best parts in the previews. This movie was even funnier than its previews! Of course, Vince Vaughn is great, but so are the other characters.

And for the first movie ever, Malin Akerman did not show full nudity! But this is not a reason to miss this movie. It is four couples who think they are going to an island for fun in the sun, but they were mistaken. Dum dum dum…
I know you will finding yourself comparing your relationship to all four of the couples. Even after the movie, Alex and I talked about which couple we were.
Funny, sweet, and a good ending (my favorite).

And Charlotte is in it! And Sarah Marhsall, love her!

I give it four out of five stars, only because it’s got one or two dumb scenes that brought down this five star movie. Go see it tonight!

PS studio movie grill has movie tickets for $5 during weekdays.


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