“The Informant” Review

We saw this movie Saturday afternoon. Since when is $7.50 a matinee price? Sheesh.
I’ve been contemplating it a while before writing this review because I was not sure what I thought about it.
I decided to make a pro and con list.

1. Matt Damon does a great job! He is a talented actor that I’ve never really enjoyed before this movie.
2. It has an innovative dialog throughout the film. You get to hear what the character is thinking. Literally. He will be in a conversation with someone and the conversation fades out and you will hear “I think I would like an indoor pool. It would allow you to swim in the winter.” Randomly hilarious.
3. Surprise ending.
4. It leaves you thinking, HARD.

1. The business jargon was over my head. Hey, I took Economics for a week before dropping out, but still. Hard to understand.
2. The movie moves too quickly in the important areas (leaving me confused, or could this be the genius of it to keep you wondering about it after you leave?), and drags out the ending. Kinda boring at times.
3. It didn’t end the way I would have written it. These are my opinions, aren’t they?
4. For the men, no action scenes or love scenes.
5. A few F-bombs.

It was good for a few laughs, all of which are in the previews. Watch after a cocktail.

I give it 2.75 out of 5 stars.

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