Where to Eat on Your Birthday


1. Go to http://www.benihana.com
2. Become a member of “The Chef’s Table,” a frequent-flyer type e-mail list.
3. The week before your birthday they will e-mail you a coupon for a free Hibachi meal, up to $30, no purchase necessary!
4. A hibachi meal is their famous onion soup; ginger salad; grilled onions, shrimp, mushrooms and zucchini; a bowl of steamed or fried rice; your entree choice (mine was steak and chicken for $23.50); a hot mug of green tea; and a big scoop ice cream.
5. For your birthday, you get a platter of…four ice cream-filled shortbread thingies. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. Yes, green tea ice cream. It comes with a little candle and they tell you, “Make a wish and blow it out!”
6. You also get two songs: one American-style, the other Japanese-style.
7. Finally, they give you a picture in a printed gloss frame to take home. On the back tey give you a web address for you to make extra copies from, or, as my server said, “Foh you to put ohn Fahcebuk.”

In addition to all of this, you receive a great Benihana dinner show!

That’s a lot of free stuff! Have fun!

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