How to get your Texas Driver’s License

1. Get your car insured. $77.10 a month.
2. After you have proof on insurance, take your car to any oil change place or some gas stations to get your car “inspected.” This means they honk the horn, make sure you have all your mirrors and do an emissions test. $42.50. This took 12 minutes.
3. Take your proof of insurance, receipt of inspction and car title to your county tax office. I drove 30 minutes to McKinney, where we walked right up to someone. $172 for a new Texas title and new Texas license plates. Yes, two. Must have one in front and back at all times. The whole process took 5 minutes.
4. Take your receipt of registration, proof of insurance, driver license, and another form of ID (I brought my passport and SS card, just in case) to your DMV. I drove across the highway to McKinney’s DMV. I waited in line only 10 minutes (compared to 5 hours in Dallas). I showed all my papers, read the vision test on line 4, then posed for my picture. I paid $24. I signed my temporary driver license and was told I’d receive my real one in 2-6 weeks. This whole process, including wait time, took 15 minutes.

Total cost to become a Texan: $315.60

Gee whiz!

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