I see the light!

I awoke Thursday morning to a blanket of white outside my window. How unexpected, especially in Texas! I turned on the Today show like I do every morning to do a quick traffic check. Instead of seeing Meredith and Matt, I see our local newscasters. They informed me we have currently four inches of snow and it will continue falling until midnight tonight. Not only that, but schools are closed all over the place. Being a Texan and a former Oklahoman, this obviously means that I freak out and do not know how to drive in bad weather, even if that weather is only big, fat flakes. No work today! I enjoy a lovely Thursday with my hubs and kitty as the snow continued to fall.

In the middle of the night, Hubs and I were awakened by the “zoooooot” of our electricity going out. Oh, well (roll over). My alarm blared at 6:30am for Friday’s work day. I flip on the bathroom light… to no avail. Oh, crap. I peeked out the bedroom window. OH CRAP! The snow that Hubs brushed off of my car yesterday has more than doubled today. You know what that means, no power, no work! I crawled back into bed since the secretaries don’t arrive at the office until 9 anyway. I awoke again at 9:50 and called the office. No one there. Apparently people got snow beyond my line of sight as well.

Walking out of the bedroom, the rest of the house was FREEZING! I decided to take a nice, relaxing morning bubble bath. Oh, wait. No hot water. I decided to make some delicioso hot chocolate. Oh, wait, no microwave! Well, this isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. No internet, no TV, NO BATH! We did what any normal American would do: we called friends and asked if we could come over their house and bum. They generously accepted.

After a few hours of fun, Hubs and I arrived back at our house, and were unpleasantly surprised that the electricity was still out! This was twelve hours without electricity! Hubs took all the perishables out of the fridge and put them out of the patio. He made Lily a nest out of her favorite and warmest blankets on the couch. He packed us an overnight bag and we headed back to our generous friends’.

We had a blast spending time with our friends. It was like a slumber party! We took hot showers, ordered pizza and stayed up late watching movies and baking cookies. This morning we packed up our overnight bag, thanked them for their hospitality and returned home, again. Going through the entrance gate at our apartment, we see the big energy truck leaving. We walk inside out apartment and it is FREEZING! BUT the bathroom light is on! We’re saved! The electricity just turned back on because Lily was one cold cat! She was very happy to see us. I petted her for about ten seconds, ran to the bathroom and jumped into the tub. Of course the hot water didn’t fill it up much, but, boy, was I happy to be home.

Dallas had an all-time record one-day snowfall: 12.5 inches! We were one of 205,000 houses without electricity for 20 hours. Thanks God for Benjamin Franklin!


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