Remaining of BPS and Oscar Predictions

After last Saturday’s movie day, Alex and I were very excited about seeing all five movies this time. First up was Up
This was the first time I saw Up on the big screen. Of course, I have it at home and love it, but I had never seen the short that Pixar likes to put at the beginning of their movies. This one was about storks and clouds. Very cute. I thought i would be nominated for the Best Animated Short, but it wasn’t. Anyway, you can read my previous review on Up here. To expound, Up is nominated for an Academy Award because it puts you through many human emotions and is so fun to watch. It definitely has a possibility of winning, if not Best Picture, than definitely Best Animated Picture.

The second movie we watched was A Serious Man.
A Serious Man
Talk about Seriously boring! When watching this movie, you watch the characters of a Jewish family as the conflict in each of their lives unfold, and the movie ends with no resolution. I leaned over to Alex and whispered, “Is this supposed to be funny?” There were a handful of people laughing when someone died or asked for a divorce. Apparently, there is a genre out there called Dark Comedy, where people who think death and divorce are funny, can got to a movie theater and laugh their booties off at horrible events. Not my style, but hey, this movie is for you. So as all of these conflicts unfold, this movie just ends, like in The Sopranos, in the middle of a sen

The third movie was The Hurt Locker
The Hurt Locker
No here’s a movie! This film kept us on the edge of our seats! It is shot documentary-style to seem like the camera crew is on ride-along with a bomb disarming team. It was very interesting because you actually see what they do over there, instead of just hearing about who died on the news. The main thing swimming in my mind was, “How in the WORLD did a woman direct this?” It was so… BOY! Her dad must have been an Army man. Any man will love this movie. It is about testosterone, loving your country, pride, loss, and absolutely no love scenes. How ’bout that? The one con I have is the movie tried to have cinematography. There were only three scenes where, for example, after a gun what shot, the camera would show an up-close view of the ground and the audience would see the shell cartridge tumbling in slow motion. Yes, these scenes are cool, but these scenes did not fit in with the documentary style they were going for. It is like showing some scenes in color and others in grey. Choose one! Because there are so many other war films, I will predict this one will not win.

The fourth movie we saw was An Education.
An Education
I got an education – that if you have never heard of a movie, that doesn’t make it good. This film was about a young school girl’s inappropriate relationship with an older man who buys her things and takes her places. The whole time I was feeling uneasy, just waiting on him to take advantage of her. It does have a happy ending. This would be a good rental. Not Oscar-worthy.

The fifth and final movie of the night was District 9
District 9
After getting over the fact that this is an alien movie, and the fact that this is a movie that I am supposed to take seriously, I was blown away! This was an edge of your seat-er, just waiting for the next thing to jump out at you. This was also shot documentary-style, with people commentating on the past events of when the aliens arrived, and how this planet has changed since. This story line is actually good! You get involved with the characters, even the alien characters, and it makes it believable. The set up for a sequel was great! I can’t wait for District 10! I think this one is a contender for the main prize, but will it beat the already-alien Avatar?

My Predictions:
Best Picture

Actor in a Leading Role
Didn’t see Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart or Morgan Freeman in Invictus or Colin Firth in A Single Man (what DID I see?), so my choice will have to be… one of those I didn’t see. I don’t think George Clooney will get it for Up in the Air and I don’t think this new guy, Jeremy Renner will get it for the Hurt Locker. Due to the hype, my vote goes to Jeff Bridges.

Actor in a Supporting Role
Of the five nominees, I only saw Inglourious Basterds. I did enjoy CHristopher Waltz’s performance, however, I am assuming the others did better. I again vote for the unseen. Due to the hype, my vote goes to Matt Damon for Invictus.

Actress in a Leading Role
I have never heard of the Last Station, the movie that Helen Murren is nominated for. I did see the other four, so I feel like my vote is better educated this time. My vote goes to Gabourney Sibide in Precious because I did not realize she is not like that, not from that home, until a few days after, when I realized it was just a movie. BUT, I think that Meryl Streep will win it because she is Meryl Streep.

Actress in a Supporting Role
Monique. No matter how much I hate the fact, she should win.

Animated Feature

Art Directions
How am I supposed to know how well someone directed their art? So as a guess, I will vote for Avatar.

Inglourious Basterds

Costume Design
I haven’t seen any of the movies, but I will vote for the Young Victoria, based on previews!

Best Directing
Once again, I wasn’t there when they directed, so how would I know? But, I will vote the Hurt Locker because that was a chick, man!

Documentary Feature
The only one I’ve ever heard of is Food,Inc, so that will win because of the hype.

Documentary Short
Never heard of any. I will choose China’s unnatural disaster because it is political and hollywood loves political.

Film Editing
District 9. or the Hurt Locker. or Inglourious Basterds. or Precious. Well, at least I don’t think Avatar will win. Ummm… I’ll go with District 9.

Foreign Language Film
The White Ribbon, the only one I’ve heard of.

Star Trek

Music (Original Score)
I can’t recall any of the music in any of the five nominees. I will guess UP because it is disney and disney always wins.

Music (Original Song)
“Take It All” – Nine

Short Film (Animated)
I have seen Granny O’ Grimm’s SLeeping Beauty, but didn’t find it that great. I vote French Roast.

Short Film (Live Action)
I don’t know. Haven’t heard of any of them. Miracle Fish.

Sound Editing
It all sounded good to me. The Hurt Locker.

Sound Mixing
Apparently this is a different category that sound editing. Transformers, just because this is their only chance.

Visual Effects

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Obviously, I would have had to read the books to compare, so based on story, I choose District 9.

Writing (Original Screenplay)
Inglourious Basterds

Tahdah! I hope you enjoyed my predictions. Enjoy your Oscar parties tonight!

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