Movie Review: Letters To Juliet

I got to see a special screening of this movie with Alex tonight.
Letters to Juliet

This is a romantic comedy starring Amanda Seyfried. She was annoying in Mean Girls, but I loved her in Mamma Mia! so it was a relief to see I loved her in Letters to Juliet.

The first ten minutes were CHEEEEEEESY, but you’ve got to set up the story somehow. After the first ten minutes, the audience was rolling. The comedic timing is perfect throughout the film!

If you are a woman, you LOVE it! If you’re a man with a feminine side, you LIKE it!

The ending was full of CHEEEEEESE as well, but I was smiling with tears in my eyes and I inhaled all the cheese from this movie.

I dragged Alex with me. His take on the movie: “It was better than The Notebook.
“Better than The Notebook?! I questioned.
He replied, “Yeah, a love story where no one died in the end!”

So there you go. A love story with real, live people.

Go see it!

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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