April Grocery Shop #3

Here is what I got for FREE!

At Kroger, I bought the Crazy Meal Deal, which meant that this week I bought marinated chicken fajita meat and received Grape Crush (1.99), flour tortillas (1.39), Dole lettuce (1.69), and potato salad (1.89) for free!

I got a free yogurt from Albertson’s from a winning ticket in their Monopoly game (.40).
At Kroger, both Lawry’s marinade and McCormick’s Grill Mates are on sale for $1 each. I had a .50 coupon for both, and both were doubled, making them free!
Smart Balance Sour Cream was on sale for $1 at Kroger. I used a .50 off coupon which was doubled, making it free!
I had a buy two get one Milky Way bar coupon. So there is my free Milky Way (.89).
Not pictured, I bought a Thermacare Neck Heat Pad for $2.49 and received $2.49 ECBs at CVS.

That little leaf is an interesting thing. CVS is selling those for .99 (you get a .99 off coupon after you check out for you next perchase). You are supposed to loop that onto one of you bags and each time you check out at CVS, they will scan it. Every 4th time it is scanned, you get $1 printed at the bottom of your receipt to use at the end of your purchase!

Here is my lot for this week:

It is worth $82.65
I only spent 45.86
I saved $36.79 by matching my coupons with sales.

Most of my items came from Aldi, a new grocery store in Dallas. I first went here two weeks after its opening and it was a nightmare. Carts 50% wider than normal grocery store carts: meaning you cannot pass anyone, because everyone’s carts are too wide. The store’s layout is a weaving aisle layout, meaning you have to go through every aisle to get to the cash registers. Put all this together and that means everyone is in a single file line, weaving throughout the store. If a customer decides to stop and compare ingredients between two products, all 50 people behind her must stop and wait.

I decided to go back today because it was raining and that means less people in the store. I was right! Only about 50 people total were in there so there was not much waiting. Aldi has the lowest prices around, i.e. 1.79 milk while Walmart has it for 2.38. The major bad thing about Aldi, they do not accept coupons. Things may be cheaper there, but it completely eliminates me getting free items. I love me some free items. I will continue to shop there for need-based items like milk and eggs (.89!).

I also have signed back up for e-mealz. To read what I have to say about E-meals, read this. They now have an Aldi meal plan for 2. Each plan has a week’s worth of food for $25-$30.

Here is a list of my nearly free items:


Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
On sale for $5.99
I used $1 off covergirl product coupon
Got back $4 ECB’s
Paid .99


3-pack Scotch Tape
On sale today only for .50

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