Oh no! Appendicitis!

Sunday: Alex ate at Sonic Sunday morning while we were grocery shopping. I got my usual apple juice slush and asked him for a bite of his sausage and egg burrito. About an hour later I was feeling light-headed in the grocery store and by the time we got home at noon, I told him to unpack all of the groceries because I was feeling queasy. I took a few pepto chewables, but those didn’t stay down. Then the queasiness turned into more like a stomach cramp, so we figured it must be a gas bubble. I took 3 rolaids, also which did not stay down. About 4pm I am in agony and Alex runs up to the drugstore and buys some type of Gas-X destroyer. I take two of those and fall asleep. When I woke up later that night, the cramp had moved from my stomach to my lower right pelvic area. I spent the rest of the night with a heating pad on the area and vomiting. Overnight, the diarrhea started. I got no sleep and the pain was unbearable.

Monday: Alex wasn’t feeling sick, but it had to be food poisoning because I ate a bite of his greasy burrito. The vomiting stopped, but the diarrhea continued and the fever started. Monday was an incredibly long day, which included me living in the bed, and hobbling over to the restroom because I couldn’t stand up straight.

Tuesday: I called my doctor and he is on vacation this week. I made an appointment at 9:30 with my gyno because I have a history of minor cysts on my ovaries and I thought I needed to rule something out. She said everything was normal in my exam. She did a sonogram and concluded that one of the cysts had ruptured, but it shouldn’t be causing that much pain. She took some blood and told me that if my diarrhea continued to Thursday to go to the ER. I weighed myself when I got home and had lost 5 pounds in two days. By Tuesday night I still had not eaten anything. We were in the middle of LOST when I felt something snap and the pain spilled from only my right side to both sides. At this point I was laying in fetal position on the floor and moaning and Alex was freaking out, saying he’s taking me to the ER, and me saying no because we can’t afford it. Fine, we went.

At 9:30 we arrived at the ER and we do not get a room until 11:30pm. A bunch of people come in and press on me, take blood, and do a CT scan of my abdomen. The nurse took my urine sample and thought I was on special pills that changes your urine color because it was so dark. At 2:45am, the Dr. comes in and said that I am so skinny, it was hard to see the contrast in the CT. I did have a high white blood cell count and she could see in the CT that the ruptured cyst was bleeding, so that what was causing my pain. She gave me a rx for a bladder infection and pain meds and sent me home at 3am.

Wednesday: At 8:45am, a different doctor woke us up by calling, stating she was from the ER and would like me to come in immediately for more assessment. Aw man! So we put on flip flops and drive back to the ER. I checked in and immediately got a room. I guess it was pretty easy since I still had on my arm band. The day nurse came in and said, “Did anyone tell you what’s going to happen?” We responded, “No, we haven’t spoken to anyone yet.” She said,”It looks like you’re getting your appendix out today.” I told her “no, I was just asked to come in for additional assessment.” 30 minutes later, a surgeon came in and he pressed on me and he said,”Yep, that appendix is coming out.” He called the OR on his cell phone and said a lot of things like “ASAP” and “STAT” which was pretty cool. My surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm.

I have never been in the hospital, never broken a bone, this was scary! It’s all pretty blurry after that. I can remember being in a type of OR waiting area and them putting a cap on my hair and I remember thinking that not all of my hair is in the cap and that bugged me. The next thing I knew it was 7pm and I had visitors in my room.

Thursday: By this time I had 3 veins in my left arm that were poked, one was poked twice. The Tech came in every 2 hours to check my blood pressure. It was a pretty sleepless time in the hospital. My hubby stayed by my side and my mom came Thursday afternoon. She was an amazing help and filled my house with groceries when we were discharged. Happy mother’s day, mom! Sorry it was not as planned.

Friday: So apparently, it is a good thing we went to the ER because my appendix had BURST and I had to stay in the hospital until Friday at 5pm so they could monitor the infection. After he discharged me, I asked the surgeon, “So you’re saying I don’t need to take the medication for the bladder infection?” He was a little upset that I was originally misdiagnosed. I guess B-Team was working on Tuesday night. So now I’m home. I weighed myself when I got home and had gained 11.5 pounds since Tuesday. I don’t know if that is fluids or just puss from the infection, but I am an orb. Alex and mom laughed at me because I look like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc (little arms and legs and an orb in the middle) because I am so inflamed. I have an incision just under the curve of my belly button, one just next to my left pelvic bone and one about 6 inches below my belly button. They have like a glaze on top of them, so I can shower and everything. I can’t move though. If I lift myself up, it feels like every fiber in my intestines are ripping. So Alex has been chilling on the couch with me, feeding me 10mg of Norco and plenty of Augmentin. I cannot stay awake. We will be in conversation and he will look over and my head will be straight back with my mouth hanging open.

It has been an interesting week, I am glad I didn’t die. I most likely won’t be blogging about grocery shopping unless a miraculous recovery occurs. SO I am going to go sleep now.

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