June Grocery Shops #1 and #2

Last Sunday I wasn’t feeling too well so Alex went grocery shopping for me to pick up some food necessities. He spent $28 with no coupons.

Today I went to Walgreens, Kroger and Albertsons. My main shop was at Albertsons because the coupons from the Monopoly game are expiring this week and I paired my remaining ones with some manufacturer’s coupons to snag some good deals.

At Walgreens, I bought Nivea for Men Body Wash for $5.99, used a $1 off coupon, and received $6 register reward to use for next time, making it free in my eyes! Also picked up Alex a new razor: the new Schick 5 Hydro razor. It was on sale for $7.99, I used a $4 off coupon and got a $4 register reward to use for next time, making it free!

I stopped by Kroger because they had a spend-$5-on-certain-cereal-get-free-gallon-of-milk sale! So I bought 2 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats for $3.69 each, I loaded a $1 off 2 boxes coupon from Cellfire.com onto my Kroger card, and handed the cashier a paper $1/2 coupon. Here’s what they don’t tell you: it’s ANY gallon of milk. The picture in the add shows the home brand, but I grabbed the Borden gallon of milk for $4.49 and used a $1 off Borden milk coupon (to which the cashier said, “I don’t think we can take this since it’s already free,” and I responded, “Can you scan it and see?” She did, it worked). So I only spent $4.30 for 2 cereals and a milk that usually cost $11.87!

Here’s everything I got today:

These groceries normally cost $139.14
By using coupons and matching them with sales, I only spent $59.87 for these 45 items!
This means I saved $79.27!

Check out my COMPLETELY FREE items:

I already mentioned the body wash and razor from Walgreens and the free milk from Kroger.
I got the Chavrie cheese for free because I went to chavrie.com and filled out a form and a couple of weeks later, they sent me a coupon for a free cheese! Alex is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cheese so he was pleased. It is priced for $5.99 at Albertsons.
Yoplait yogurts are priced .50 each at Albertsons, I used a .50 off 6 coupon when I bought 6, so I am just applying that .50 to one for the picture.
Kraft BBQ sauce was on sale for .99 at Albertsons. It had a peelie on it for .35 off, which was tripled, making it free!
The O Organics yogurt was priced .75. I had a free O Organics yogurt coupon from the monopoly game. Hope Alex likes it!

Then I had loads of groceries that cost just a few cents! Here are some of the best deals:

C&H Sugar 4lb priced $2.29 at Albertsons. I had a .50 off coupon that was doubled, and used a $1 monopoly coupon, making it only .29!

Albertsons Apple Sauce was on sale for $1.27. I picked up 2 because I had 2 $1 off monopoly coupons, making them .27 each!

Albertsons frozen fruit punch can was on sale for only .89. I used a .50 off coupon from monopoly and paid only .39!

Hormel refrigerated Entrees were on sale for only $4.99 at Albertsons! I used a $1 off coupon with a $2.50 off coupon from monopoly, paying only $1.49!

Hormel Natural Choice deli meat was priced $3.99 at Albertsons. I used a .55 off coupon and a $1.50 off coupon from monopoly, paying only $1.94!

3 Musketeers candy bars were priced .89 at Albertsons. I used a .25 off coupon that was tripled, making it only .14!

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