Well Hello, there, Target!

I subscribe to thegrocerygame.com to alert me when things are on sale at their lowest prices. The cost of this service is $10 every 3 months. Just this week, the website has added Target to their database. Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I only went to Target when we made the “big trip” up to Tulsa, an hour away, and even then it was only when my mom had to buy a wedding gift.

Today was my first time officially shopping at Target, besides stepping in for home decor. Look at what I got:

Check out those cute tank tops! They were in the dollar bin for $2.50 each. I also got two sandwich tupperwares and a pizza-shaped tupperware for $1 each. That will really save on daily ziploc bags needed when I bring lunch to work. I will have to figure out how to fit this store in my budget…

These products cost $57.20. By using coupons for things that are on sale, I only spent $29.32, saving $27.88!

Here’s what I got for free:

Here’s how YOU can get these for free, too!

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning (.79) I used a coupon that I peeled off a box of taco shells a few months ago that stated “buy 2 Old El Paso products, get seasoning free”

Veet Hair Removal ($5.89) I used a $3 off printable coupon from coupons.com and also a Target printable coupon from target.com for $3 off

Lean Cuisine Market Fresh Meal ($3.89) Target is having a sale= buy 5 lean cuisine dinners, get the meal free

2 Benadryl Itch relief Sticks ($2.29 each) I used a $5 off 2 Benadryl products coupon from the newspaper

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