I’m Still Here

I just wrote a somewhat lengthy piece on my iPod to publish, only it saved it in drafts. I cannot access drafts from my worspress app, so I have come here, to the big laptop actual page for solace only to find, it is not in my saved drafts. I must start over. Alas, I’m still here.

You may have thought I disappeared into thin air, but I didn’t.

I have just been MIA, very IA. My life has changed a lot. I was in a dead-end job, and by dead-end, I mean if I stayed any longer I would have died of awful-boss syndrome. I have gone BACK TO SCHOOL!

“Don’t you already have a degree?” Why yes, I do. Thank you for noticing.
“No, I mean don’t you already have a masters degree?” Why yes, I do. Your point?
“Then why are you going back to school in a completely different subject?”
Sigh. It’s those darn student loan lenders. No one told me I’d have to PAY BACK that money they so graciously let me borrow. And apparently, they want it all back NOW. $650 a month to be exact. Not surprisingly, we just can’t cut it on Alex’s part-time salary! We were already on economic hardship deferment ever since I was cut down to part-time in January and were running out of options. So I did what any financially irresponsible person would do: went back to school to push those loan repayments way back! Dave Ramsey would give me the verbal lashing of a lifetime.
Dave Ramsey Luckily I got a poor people grant to pay for my schooling. I can now join Alex as a sexy co-ed.

Hey here’s a thought: If you’re ideal job has a salary of $50,000, you don’t need an $80,000 education! Lightbulb. I don’t even HAVE a salary.

PARENTS: if you are not willing/able to pay for your child’s private education, do not allow them to go there. Then they will be stuck, like me, with $125,000 that good ol’ Sallie wants back NOW and I have no salary. My parents tried to help as best they could, but my private education was a huge mistake.

STUDENTS: when the time comes and that ideal job requires to have a higher degree, DON’T go out of state for that education. No one told me that ONE YEAR I paid out of state tuition for would cost the same amount as my private college!

So here I am. Back in school. In-state resident tuition, of course. Hoping to get a much higher paying job after I graduate from this program in three…long…years.

I am studying, going to lectures, doing a practicum eight hours a week, learning Spanish, looking for a part-time job that will miraculously let me work only one day a week. My busy life has held me hostage, neglecting my blogging friends.

Fear not, I will make time for you… maybe.


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