How to Use a Foodsaver!

Sandy Drawers brought me a Foodsaver for Christmas. Yay!
I use it every time I buy meat in bulk.
You may be asking, “But what is a Foodsaver and how do you use it?”
Well, let me tell you.
A Foodsaver is a vacuum sealer for things like meat and other perishable items.

First, you cut your bags to the appropriate size you need. Some sides are sealed, some are not. Depending on how you cut your bag, you may need to seal a side, which is done similarly to sealing a bag.

Second, you place your product in the bag.

Third, place unsealed edge of bag on Foodsaver.

Fourth, SEAL! Just press the button. It sucks out all of the air and seals it tight!

And finally, write the date and description of contents.

Viola! You are done. You can now have meat frozen in your freezer for up to 3 years!

Here is ground beef that I froze 2 months ago. Still red!

No more freezer burn.

I ♥ my Foodsaver!

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