A Whole New (Technological) World!

No, I am not talking about Aladdin. I currently do no have internet at my home. But I am at home. Right now. Typing this. Over the internet.


By using my cell phone’s 3G nework.

Last week, Alex and I wondered, “Hey, why am I paying $56 a month for 300 minutes and 400 texts through T-mobile? That seems like a lot.” Well, it is. I have had T-Mobile FOREVER and never renewed my contract, meaning, I am not in a contract, but they keep billing me and I keep paying them. Also meaning, I can leave whenever I darn-well please.

I please to leave last week.

After lots of online research and talking to different carrier representatives, we decided on Virgin Mobile.
First of all, because you get unlimited text and data and 300 minutes for $25! Only I talk more than 300 minutes. (I had 300 minutes with T-mobile, but it also had my faves, so calling the family was free.) I used about 750 minutes a month. Hey, that’s not bad news: they have a $40 plan for 1200 minutes!
Second of all, because there’s no contract!

So let’s recap:
T-Mobile: (300 minutes + my faves minutes) 750 minutes + 400 texts = $56 a month
Virgin Mobile: 1200 minutes + UNLIMITED texts + UNLIMITED data/web = $40 a month (with tax $44.10)

Why would I pay more for less stuff?

Here’s the cool part: I am finally smart enough for a smart phone. I got the LG Optimus. Ugh, let me tell you, it was an ordeal. This phone is sold out everywhere. We went straight to Walmart after church: sold out; Target: sold out; Radio Shack: sold out (the associate said four people have already come in asking for it and they had only been open 3 hours!) Because people have figured out that you can get internet and cell phone for only $25 a month!

This phone has “tethering” which means, basically, it is a wifi hot-spot and I can connect up to 4 (or 5) devices through the internet coming from my phone. UNLIMITED DATA USAGE, may I remind you.

So why isn’t everyone doing this? When I called T-Mobile to ask some questions about leaving, I got the schpeel about Virgin Mobile has less coverage than T-Mobile “and if you travel for a living you might not have service.” This is true. Good thing I do not travel for a living. According to the coverage map, there’s coverage in Texas, coverage where my parents live in Oklahoma, and coverage in San Francisco where I will be “travelling” to in two weeks. As I, and some of you, know from previously having AT&T, just because there’s coverage doesn’t mean your call won’t get dropped… or that you’ll even have coverage. So I’ll have to try my phone out in Oklahoma.
Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V

One thought on “A Whole New (Technological) World!

  1. 07/29/11: I forgot to add- It worked the entire drive to Oklahoma. So there, T-Mobile. And AT&T. And Sprint. And Verizon. Eat my shorts.

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