SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning review

Look what came in the mail!

This is from I signed up for free, answered some questions about me, and they sent me these products to test out and review on my blog.

The contents:
Pledge Furniture Spray
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner foamer
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning gel
Glade Spring Candle
Glade Plug-Ins air freshener
$58 in coupons!

This package arrived last Monday while I was out grocery shopping. Alex, loving packages almost as much as the cat, tore this one open, knowing he would find good things inside. By the time I got home, both bathrooms had been cleaned.

Pledge Furniture Spray I have used this product before. It easily removed the layer-upon-layer of dust from the coffee table.

Scrubbing Bubbles Foam According to Alex, he said it was fun to use and cleaned the bathroom well. His complaint: after you stop using it, foam continues to eek out.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel He had done this to one of the toilets, so I got to do the other one. So simple: the gel is a blob that is in a canister. Point the canister to the side of the toilet bowl, fire the canister, and the gel blob is stuck on the side of the bowl. One week later, the blobs are still in both toilets! And as a side note, this alone makes the bathroom smell clean!

Glade Spring Candle I love Glade candles and this one is pleasant. It smells very clean.

Glade Plug-Ins air freshener Well, they sent the freshener, but not a device to plug it in to. Luckily, on the package, Alex noticed “Works with Air Wick warmers.” Ta-da! I plugged in our bathroom. After a couple of hours, the scent permeated into our attached bedroom with the door shut. The smell was too strong, so I moved it to the living room. After a few hours, I got a headache from the smell of it. Way too strong for us.

Thanks for the free products SC Johnson and BzzAgent!


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