March Grocery Total = $116.90

I forgot to post about my grocery shopping experience in Oklahoma last weekend. It was a bitter-sweet trip. In Oklahoma, you have to pay tax on your groceries. That hurt my total. Especially having to pay $5.49 on what would have been a free shopping trip. Ya hear that, Oklahoma? FREE. I guess there’s no such thing as free there.

Anyway, one of the joys of visiting my parents is they have a grocery store called Homeland. This store doubles coupons up to one dollar! That’s right – if you have a coupon that says “$1 off,” Homeland will give you $2 off. Wowee! So I make sure to shop here when I am in town.

Here’s what I picked up:

These groceries totaled $119.43, but I only paid $29.43!That includes tax (grrr…) Yes, that includes the SIX Digiorno pizzas back there.

Look at what I got absolutely free (except tax, stupid tax state):

-6 Digiorno Pizzas ($6.50 each)
-2 Nabisco Saltines ($2.99 each)
-Mom’s Naturals cereal ($2.89)
-2 Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bars ($3.59 each)
-2 Kellogg’s special K bars ($3.19 each)
-2 Ronzoni Smart taste pasta ($1.69 each)
-20 oz Coke ($1.49)
-Reese’s Peanut butter cups King size ($1.39)
-Jello Temptations ($2.99)
-2 Banquet fruit pies ($1 each)
-Land o Frost lunchmeat ($2.99)
-Tangelos 1.49 lb (@ $1.09/lb)
-Tostitos Artisan Chips ($3.99)

Total self cost for this month’s groceries = $459.43

Does that sound like YOUR grocery budget?

Total out of pocket cost for this month’s groceries = $116.90

I budgeted $200 for this month so I have almost $85 of unexpected income to put on debt or into the retirement account.

Are you using coupons yet?

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