We’re Debt Free!

Wow, I’ve been so busy that April 1st completely came and went without me noticing (thank you, online bill pay)… that we’re debt free!

Er, Sort of.

I call it Baby Step 2a.

Dave Ramsey would call it “everything but the house.” Since we rent, I call it “everything but student loans.” Combined we have over $150K in student loans and since I will start my PhD (all grants – no more loans) in the fall, we’re not going to kick those in gear just yet.

We paid off $16,460.76 in 7 months living at the poverty level! This was mainly medical bills, but also four credit cards and two store credit cards. With a lot of Christmas money and a big ol’ tax refund, this was possible even with only one part-time job in our family.

Our cars are paid-for and our savings is building – at two months’ expenses right now.

Alex will graduate in December, (hopefully) get a great job working full-time, I am hoping to land a graduate assistantship which will bring an extra $1800 a month, and then we can wake the beast of student loans and fully devote all extra income to devour Sallie Mae.

Until then, we’re going on an anniversary trip to Mexico in May (yay!) and will continue adding to our savings and start contributing to our Roth IRA.

Told you all that couponing is worth it!

Finally – being an adult is paying off!

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