$95.50 for groceries? I don’t think so

I did not shop last weekend – one because we were in San Francisco, and two because I didn’t need to.

I still have a freezer full of chicken, ground beef and steak, so each week, all I am getting are side dishes, breakfast or sandwich stuff. You know, it’s amazing how much you will save at the grocery store if you just use what you’ve already got. Take last night, for instance: I pulled out 2 chicken breasts that were sealed and frozen and thawed them (in the microwave, of course – time is money). In the back of my pantry, I found 2 boxes of Shake ‘n’ bake that I got for free over Thanksgiving or Christmas at Homeland when I visited my parents. I took out a packet from one box, pour it in the bag, added the chicken, and shake shake shake! While that was baking, I opened a can of Green Giant corn and heated it up on the stove and whipped up some butter and chive mashed potatoes that come in a Betty Crocker box. Not the most homemade meal, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. My point is: I did not buy anything I used recently. And when I did purchase the products, I got them all drastically on sale. When things go “drastically on sale,” I buy a bunch of them. The Betty Crocker mashed potatoes? I think I bought 8 boxes = at .20 each! That way you never have the “5 o-clock blank stare” in the pantry.

Yesterday was a good day for cherry picking (buying groceries because you want to, not because you have to). Here’s what I got from my pick:

The shelf cost is $95.50

By matching sales with coupons that I clipped, I saved $63.43.

I only spent $32.07! That includes my 9.5lb Easter ham!

Items I paid for:
Jonagold Apples – .88/lb
Broccoli Crown – .58
Oscar Mayer Roast Chicken Breast 14 oz – $2.50
Bread – .88
Orville Redenbacher pop up bowl 3 pack – .95
Spiral Sliced Honey glazed ham 9.5lb – $1.69/lb ($15.15.88)
2 Resolve laundry pretreater – .99 each
Doritos – $2
Milk – $2.19 (yikes, prices are rising – might have to go back to the .99 store!)
2 Dr. Pepper 2 liters – .59 each
Sister Schubert Rolls – $1.50
Lysol Neutra Air – $1.50 (the other was free)

Free stuff = $48.78!

Free items pictured:
Parkay Spray Butter – shelf cost $2.29
Parkay tub butter – $1.85
2 KC Masterpiece bbq – .91 each
Suave deodorant – $1.09
Jello Temptations 3-pack – $2.50
2 Nivea Body Washes – $3 each
Bic Comfort 3 razor pack – $2.96
Lysol NeutraAir – $3.29
Allegra 30 ct – $22.99
CVS Antibacterial handsoap – $3.99

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