Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Review


I received another package from BzzAgent!

Biotrue Package

This package came with a full-size bottle of Biotrue multipurpose solution, two lens cases, an information booklet, and coupons!

Alex and I have been using this about a week so we could give it a good review.

I say: It is supposed to be more like your natural tears and keep your lenses moisturized longer for extended wear contacts. I could not tell any difference between this or any other solution I have used, but my eyes don’t get dry or stinging at the end of the day either.

He says (transcribed): I love it! I can tell a HUGE difference. I work outside and I get dirt and grime in my contacts so they usually hurt at the end of the day. I can tell a difference from using this solution because my contacts are more moisturized.

Thanks for letting us try it out, BzzAgent and Bausch and Lomb

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