New Walmart Ad Matching BOGOs!

OMG I have been waiting for this day. I heard they changed the ad matching – again – so I just took a look and saw they WILL price match BOGOs if the ad mentions a specific price.

Example: Tom Thumb has Lay’s Kettle chips on the front page of the ad on sale for BOGO and the fine print says, “Save up to $3.99 on 2.” It is my understanding that Walmart will ad match this particular item because the price is listed. You would be able to buy one bag for $3.99 and get the other for free.

Here’s the link for the policy

It also states that you no longer have to have the ad to price match… I’m not going to trust them on that one. “I swear the Tom Thumb add said they were BOGO $3.99…”

I printed the new one out and stuck it in my coupon binder. You know you can get those cashiers that hate anyone with competitor ads (Walmart on Marsh and George Bush, I’m talking to you!) so just whip out the corporate policy and BAM – they gotta give it to you.


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