$40.40 for our groceries

Lily was out of cat food on Wednesday so I made a quick stop to Aldi to pick some up. I also got eggs and bacon. That bring last weeks total to $44.24.


I went grocery shopping today because on holidays, the Sunday paper does not provide coupons. Therefore, there is no need to wait until Sunday. Here is what I got from Albertsons and Walmart for $40.40:

$40.40 for these groceries

The shelf cost of these items is $78.75. I saved $38.35!


French’s Spicy Brown Mustard ($1.99)
3 Reach dental flosses (.88 each)

    Honorable Mentions

C&H Sugar, $1.19
Navel oranges, .40 each
Del Monte Pineapple, .99
1lb strawberries, .99
2 DiGiorno Pizzas, .49 each
Blue Bell half gallon ice cream, $1.98

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