Our groceries cost $52.81

We spent $128.61 on groceries in April. Not too shabby!

I spent $52.81 today to start off the month of May.
Here’s what I paid for:

$52.81 for these groceries!

Special mentions:
Right Guard Deodorant, .04
Banquet Meal, .38
Farmland Lunchmeat, .25
Gummy Bears, .10
Brown Sugar, .29
2 Pepsi Maxx 24-packs, $3.99 each or .16 a can!
Honeysuckle Ground Turkey, $1

Here’s what I got for free!

Free stuff!

Tide One Load
Ivory Bodywash
4 Reach toothbrushes
French bread loaf
Right Guard Deodorant
2 Colgate Max Foam toothpastes

I also received $16.54 back in catalinas (coupons that print out at the register after you pay) to use next week!

The total is normally $103.87. By using coupons with sales, I saved $51.06!

When I got home I got the mail and had 2 freebies:


The green thing on the left is from Kraft First Taste. It was a coupon for a free Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia cream cheese, and a $1 off coupon to give to a friend!

The things on the right is a sample I requested from Shout. It is one sheet of Shout Color Catcher with a coupon for .55 off!

I am looking forward to trying both of these!

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