I pat myself on the back – $45.29 grocery shopping trip

Whew-wee! I can’t believe how well I did with my $50 bill today. I bought 69 items.

Lots of groceries!

Normal shelf price for these items: $189.81. That means I saved $144.52 by using coupons with sales!

Top 3 most expensive items:
-Arm and Hammer Cat Litter 20lb, $3.99 (normal price $9.99
-3.65lb of boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.79/lb = $6.55 (normal price $3.49/lb)
-Doritos $2 (reg. price $3.99)



Naproxen was not free, I accidentally left it in the picture, cost $1.54 (reg. price $3.79)
-2 Kraft cheese with a touch of Philadelphia (reg. $3.79 each)
-3 Listerine Pocketpaks ($1.79 each)
-6 Clean and Clear Body Washes ($4.99 each)
-4 Tide Liquid single loads ($1.49 each)
-4 Care free Actifresh pantiliners (.94 each)
-3 Nivea for Men Body washes ($4.59 each)
-The Biggest Loser Simply Sensible refrigerated entrée ($7.99)
-2 Boulder Canyon organic chips ($2.49 each)
-5 Gatorade Primes ($2.98 each)
-5 G2’s ($1.39 each)

I am donating the body washes, pantiliners and a case of water to a church in Alabama that is helping community members who have lost their homes. You can also donate money to the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Unicef to help with the relief efforts.

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