My weekly grocery trip

On Sunday, I went to Albertsons (just bread, bbq sauce and mushrooms) and Walmart to price match things in the ads I got in the mail. I planned six meals on the e-mealz list. Thanks to previously stockpiling, I only had to get a few items to complete my menu, even after a vacation without shopping. The rest of our grocery money went to snacks and produce, yum!

I spent $41.17 for all of the items above. These items normally cost $66.34. Not a great savings, but I used only six coupons. You don’t have to be an EXTREME couponer to save money. Every little bit helps.

Here’s what I got for free:


-Cottonelle Fresh Wipes, $2.49
-Noxema Bikini Razors, .97
-Kc Masterpiece BBQ sauce, $1.50
-Wilkinson Disposible razors, .97
-Pert Plus travel size, .97

Honorable mentions:
Doritos, $2
Blue Bell, $2.99
Pineapple, .99

We’re going home to visit our parents this weekend. A full Memorial Day weekend planned with cookouts, garage sale-ing, visiting my brand new baby niece, and, of course, shopping at Homeland where they double coupons up to a $1. A store couponers dream about!

By the way, Walmart is having an ice cream social this Saturday at 5pm. Free ice cream!

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