Lotsa savings!

I got lots of good deals this weekend! While I was in Oklahoma, I shopped at Homeland to get my $1 coupons doubled and finished shopping for the week this morning. Here’s what I picked up for $43.95 total.

Homeland $3.75


Most expensive items:
Vlassic pickles $2.99
Blue Bell ice cream $2.77
Vanilla Coke Zero 12pk $2.47
Shredded Parmesan $2.38
Milk $2.19

Cheapest items:
Grande tortilla chips .50
2 Ken’s salad dressings .50 each
3 Libby’s Natural corn .48 each
Sunny Delight .25
Wishbone salad dressing .19
24 Kool-aid packets .10 each

Best percentage savings:
5 Honeysuckle ground Turkey 1.2 lb each, $1 each (usually $2.99 each)
2 Poptarts, .75 each ($2.59 each)

Free items:

Homeland freebies

More freebies

Country Bob’s All purpose sauce, (3.39)
Ronzoni garden delight pasta, (2.09)
Wheat thins stix (3.49)
KC masterpiece bbq sauce (2.19)
Temptations cat treats (1.99)
Taco Bell taco seasoning (1.19)
2 Weber marinades (.85 each)
Hershey dark chocolate bar (.50)
Vlassic pickles (2.99)
4 Power bars (1.50 each)
Pure Protein bar (2.09)
12 Kool-Aid packets (.20 each)
Stride gum (1.29)
2 Nestle 100 grand bars (.89 each)

Our May grocery budget was $50 per week for $200 a month (there are 5 weekends, but we were out of town for a full week). We spent only $183.22 on groceries during the month of May!

I’m going to go eat some chocolate to celebrate.

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