I could have spent $104.23 on groceries this week

I really could have. The deals were few and far between this week. But that’s the thing about budgets. They make you do what you should do to reach a goal. I had cut my original shopping list in half due to the price and still spent $50.95!


I spent $50.95 on items worth $104.23 by matching up coupons with sales! Today I saved $63.28.



2 Tide travel size detergents, FREE
Wilkinson Sword razors 4ct, FREE
3 Nestle crunch bars, FREE
bottle of water, FREE
6 cans Red Gold diced tomatoes, .11 each
3 Jolly Time popcorn packages, .25 each
2 Knorr pasta sides, .25 each
Peach, .32
2 Dole pineapples, .37 each
Cantaloupe, .79
Bimbo soft white sandwich bread, .88
eggs, .88
Bananas, .49/lb = .95
Organic carrots 1lb, .98
bag of garden salad mix, .98
Minutemaid Fruit Punch 64oz, $1
2 boxes Nature Valley Granola bars, $1.50 each
2 boxes Honey Nut cheerioes, $1.49 each
2 boxes Banana Nut cheerioes, $1.49 each
Peanut butter, $1.72
Colgate 360 toothbrush, $1.79
Fuji apples, .99/lb = $2.25
2 Crest Pro-health rinses, $2.50 each
Oscar Mayer honey chopped ham 16oz, $2.50
G2 Gatorade flavor packets, $3.78
Cottonelle 12ct double rolls, $3.99
False eye lashes (I’m going to see what all the fuss is about), $4.98
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.49/lb = $6.02


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