A pretty good shop

Alex came with me to grocery shop Sunday afternoon. It was another pick and choose day since we have most things we need for our upcoming weekly menu already stockpiled in the pantry.


We went to CVS to roll over some ECBs, Albertsons to pick up some bogos, and finally to Walmart to price match my other ads. The shelf cost of all of these products is $133.21. We only spent $54.35 by using coupons with sales. We saved $78.86! We also have $9.99 to use next week at CVS!

Free items:


Suave deodorant (reg. priced $1.49)
2 Kraft Mac & Cheese Homestyle ($3.19 each)
Nivea Body Wash (3.99)
2 Bic 3 Comfort Avanced packs ($2.50 each)
Schick Hydro 5 ($9.99)
2 Dial body washes travel size (.97 each)
Colgate 360 toothbrush ($4.99)
Oral-B Xact toothbrush ($5.99)

We also got a raincheck for the Albertsons brand Zyrtec. The sale was buy one get two free. I bought the last one, so customer service gave me a raincheck for 2 free next time I come in.

Not too shabby!

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