Happy Independence Weekend!

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law-in-law are coming for the weekend! I shopped for groceries today instead of Sunday so there’d (is there’d a word?) be something in the house to snack on. I scored some great deals!

Look at all the stuff I got for $40.86!


Look at what I got for FREE!



Tomato sauce 15 oz (worth .54)
Tomato sauce 8oz (.32)
2 bottles of John Freida Full Repair ($5.99 each)
2 cans of Seattle’s Best iced coffee ($1.49 each)

All of this normally costs 82.68.
I saved 41.82 by ad matching and then using coupons!
I only spent $40.86!

Honorable mentions
4 12pk of Coke products, $2.47 each
C&H Sugar, $1.69
Cantaloupe, .79
Seedless watermelon, $1.99
2 Blue Bell ice creams, $1.97 each (lowest price so far!)
White Cloud wet wipes, .50
Sweet Yellow corn, .15 each


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