Meal plan shop

I needed some things for my meal plan this week. On Sunday I went out and got $82.62 worth of groceries.

Lotsa stuff for only $39.54

That’s right. I paid only $39.54 for my groceries. I saved $43.18 by using coupons and ad matching sales.

And take a look at what I got for free +


2 Cascade Action Packs trial size (3ct), .97 each (free plus .03 overage on each)
2 Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce, .99 (free)
Complete Multipurpose solution (included free case), $7.99 (free)
Noxema 3 pk shavers, $1.97 (free plus .03 overage)
Balance Bar, $1.69 (free)
6 2 pocket folders with brads, .10 each (free, not pictured)

Honorable Mentions:
2 PaperMate ballpoint pens 10pk, .02 each
2 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, .42 each
Eggs, .64
Morton’s Season All, .64
Mt. Olive Pickles, .67
Kraft Swiss Cheese, .99
Morton’s Sea Salt giant size, $1.04

The only thing is we were dying for some things to snack on throughout the week. I got some peaches, but Alex ate them all within the hour I got home from shopping. This Sunday I will definitely be loading up on apples, oranges and bananas (and some Pita chips I will hide from him – shh).


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