$199.68 worth of groceries today

Only cost $55.97

I paid only $55.97 (I miscalculated how much my chicken cost) for these groceries that cost $199.68 before sales and coupons. I saved $143.71!

Just look at what I got for free!


6 Herbal Essences products ($3 each originally)
2 Store brand pastas ($1.19 each)
Open Nature premium ice cream ($3.99)
Jif to go peanut butter 8 pk ($2.08)
Cascade 3 pk (.97)
Store brand multivitamin ($8.99)
2 Carefree pantiliners ($2.38 each)
2 Noxema mini razors ($1.97 each)
2 Oral B Indicator toothbrushes ($2.57 each)

Have you seen how much produce has gone up compared to last month? Good grief!


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