Freebies in my mailbox!

I wanted to share with you some freebies I received this week in my mailbox.

Free from Vocalpoint

First, I received this bottle (plus another a few days later) of Downy Unstoppables plus socks from a website called It’s one where they send you stuff to review. I’ll post a review on this later. It’s too late for you to get this product for free, but sign up and you can try out other products.

Free from Vocalpoint

Second, I received a new Glad plus Febreze trash bag plus coupons from Vocalpoint. I’ll post a review on this one in a bit.

Freebie from Walmart

I got this free SoyJoy bar from in the free samples section. It’s no longer available, but you can currently get a free Huggies diaper sample . Yuck, you didn’t miss anything.

Coupon from Tide

I received a $2 off Tide Stain release coupon in the mail from Tide’s facebook page. This often goes on sale for $3.99, so with the coupon that’d be a steal! Tide is ALWAYS giving something away, whether it’s coupons or actual samples.

So that’s how I get some freebies and you can, too!

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