Vocalpoint Review: Downy Unstoppables

Look what I got in the mail from Vocalpoint!

Downy Unstoppables

It is a full-size bottle of Downy Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster! Plus socks!

Neat bottle

Scent beads

These cute little scent beads go in your washing machine before you put in the clothes.

Shake shake

Shake a little into the cap and pour in for freshness lasting up to 30 days.

What I really think: I’ve had this product for 28 days and I’ve used it several times. First, measuring into the cap is pointless. All you need is 10-20 beads per full load (see in my hand), which I just shook out from the bottle directly into the bin. When you take off the cap to do so, it is one of those sneaky little caps that is hard to press on, most of the time flying off in a weird direction before you successfully secure the cap on the bottle.

It smells great! I have “Fresh” scent, which is described a clean, airy and crisp. It also comes in Lush (luxurious, relaxing and romantic). It smells so great, that it over powers everything. Even my scentsy plugged in to the wall. Even my husband could tell I was pulling the laundry out of the dryer when he was in the other room. Maybe it’s too much smell. Maybe 10-20 beads is too much. It was wonderful for washing my husband’s nasty, sweaty outdoor work clothes. They smelled like flowers when I pulled them out of the dryer. It also is great for masking the bleach smell after bleaching your whites.

It tastes gross. Being a full review, yes, I licked it. Don’t do it. It looks like candy, but it’s not! After I licked I had a flashback from my childhood when my mother made me hold a bar of soap in my mouth for being a potty-mouth (shudder).

My final point: I find this product useful only if you make your own laundry detergent that is scent-less and then you add this product in. It is not fabric softener – it is only scent. I would never pay money for this, because my laundry detergent already smells good. And as for the socks… They smelled like new rubber when I took them out of their package. I washed and dried them and hid them away in the sock drawer. I just pulled them out. Sniff– now they smell like sweet… rubber. Next time I wash them maybe they’ll smell better. The scent sort of lasts 28 days at least!


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One thought on “Vocalpoint Review: Downy Unstoppables

  1. Thanks for this review. I was wonder…What is really to this product. I have tried Purex’s Fabric Softener Crystals and I love them. I kinda wondering if they were on the same line but reading your review and others, ITS NOT.

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