Some couponing tips

Hello faithful couponing followers. I have received feedback about how I do what I do and I have been trying to be more helpful in my blog to show you, well, how I do what I do. I do not know everything about couponing, but I have picked up a lot of information from reading books at the library and other various websites. I discovered one such website this week: Recyclebank.

Recyclebank is another coupon site, but you gotta work for those coupons. The site is about recycling and going green. To get the coupons, you can watch videos or do little games online that usually take less than one minute. Here are the coupons that I got for free by playing on this site so far:
-Buy one get one free pizza (will be mailed) to a local pizza place, Mr. Jim’s Pizza
-Free one year subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine (which has lots of coupons in it!)
-$2 off of 2 Organic farms coupon (which I used yesterday for 2 FREE bags of carrots)
So it is way worth it as you can see!

Most of my coupons I get from the newspaper.

Dallas Morning News

You can see the Sunday paper costs $3, which is pretty high, but look at the dollar amount of coupons inside. $555! I think I can afford $3 a week to get a newspaper with all of those coupons. AND this week I accidentally got a double of one of the inserts so I got a bunch of doubles. *note: this is the highest coupon amount in the newspaper I’ve seen yet. There is usually about $350 inside, which is still WAY worth it.

Printable coupon sites: is a website that you can print off valid coupons and redeem them in-store. Tip: try other zip codes like 90210 and you can get different coupons. is a similar website. They have different coupons than those on the site listed above, but not as many.
Smartsource a the third coupon site with loads of coupons. Tip: try the different zip here as well.
All “other” coupon sites are just these in disguise. Don’t bother searching coupon sites in google, because even though they may have a different name, someone is getting paid for you to go to their site where they have links of these 3 original coupon sites. I just find it easier to get them straight from the originals.

Also 2 other great resources: facebook and the actual product’s website.
Here are 2 things I got in the mail this week from Facebook.

Free Herbal Essences product

I got some free mousse today.

Free Tide stain release, detergent and coupon

Remember how I said a couple of posts ago that Tide’s facebook page is always giving stuff away? This time I got a free full size Stain release pack, trial size liquid detergent and another $2 off coupon all in the mail.

I hope that helps in your accumulation of coupons. There is a lot of money to be saved by those who look for it. (Doesn’t that sound like a Harry Potter quote?)


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